How to apply your Ace Case Screen Protector

Ace Case Military Grade Screen Protector Application Instructions



  • Please read the following instructions carefully to achieve the best results when applying your Ace Case Military Grade Screen Protector.
  • Installation will take around 15-20mins. It’s recommended that you allow a minimum of 6 hours for the screen protector to properly set and strengthen. You can use your device straight  after installation if you really need to.
  • All  bubbles will clear on their own within 24-48 hours and you will be left with a ultra clear screen protector.  
  • Please note: these types of screen protectors offer great results and have to be applied with a little water. Don't worry, the process is quite simple and you will get much better results compared to the cheap alternative screen protectors on the market. 
  • A well-lit and dust-free environment is best suited for installation of your screen protector to reduce the risk of dust gathering under the film. Avoid exposure to direct sunlight as this will affect the results of installation. 
  • Follow the step by step guide below on how to correctly install your Ace Case Military Grade Screen Protector to your smartphone, tablet, smart watch or  laptop.
  • Application Solution:  in a shallow dish or bowl, pour and mix 300ml of water with 1-2 drops of mild liquid soap. You can use plain water if you don't have any liquid soap to hand. Soapy water is recommended for easier application.

Step  by step application instructions:


Ace Case - How to apply - Step 1

Always remember to switch off your device before installation. Clean hands! Use the Ace Case lint free cloth to clean all areas of your device to ensure it is free of dirt, fingerprints and any other marks. Once the protector is applied, you can use your device if you wish, however it is recommend that you leave the protector to set for at least 6 hours. 



Ace Case - How to apply - Step 2

Familiarise yourself with each segment of your screen protector and where it will be placed on your device. Using the soapy solution (read 'Key Points' section above for more details) dampen your fingers and begin to strip off the screen protector from its cover.



Ace Case - How to apply - Step 3 

Wet your Ace Case Screen Protector into the solution and with your finger, remove any excess liquid using a sliding motion to eliminate any marks which may have formed. Remember to keep the sticky side of the screen protector film wet.



Ace Case - How to apply - Step 4

Carefully align your shield to your device and proceed to apply. With wet fingers, adjust your screen protector into position until you are completely satisfied.

If you are unhappy with the positioning of your screen protector shield, carefully remove the shield immediately whilst damp and revisit Step 3 to repeat the process. Do not wait until it has dried! 


Ace Case - How to apply - Step 5

Happy with the realignment? Remove any excess liquid from your screen protector with your squeegee by carefully scraping and pushing the liquid towards the edges of your device. Where necessary, use the Ace Case cloth to soak up any excess liquid.


Step 6

Ace Case - How to apply - Step 6

If your Ace Case Military Grade Screen Protector has moved during Step 5, carefully re-position, ensuring all sides have bonded to your device.

Use the palming technique (see 'installation tips' below for more details) to adhere the screen protector to any curved edges on your device (only applicable on some devices) 


Step 7

Ace Case - How to apply - Step 7

Pleased with the installation and your alignment? Great! It’s recommended you leave your device and protector to set and allow the moisture to dry out.


Step 8

Ace Case - How to apply - Step 8

After 24 - 72 hours your device should be dry and the moisture should be dried out. You can still use your device during this time. 


Please Note: Don’t panic if you see bubbles appear under your screen protector! Please allow your device to rest for the recommended time for any excess moisture and bubbles to disappear. Larger bubbles may take a little longer but they will vanish!


6 Installation Tips

  • Always use the soapy liquid in moderation. You should feel your screen protector move freely when positioning and applying to your device. 
  • Always keep your screen protector wet to achieve the best alignment and to allow for easy re-positioning. 
  • It’s recommended you start to align your screen protector shield from the top, sides, to bottom to create a seamless fit. Perhaps using your camera or device ports as a guideline to achieve the best alignment. Always take care during the alignment process as this is integral in achieving the best results for your Ace Case Military Grade Screen Protector. 
  • For small devices and screen protectors, allow to dry for 5-10 minutes before solidifying its position to your device. 
  • The Palming Technique: see Step 6 -use the middle of your palm to apply pressure and secure any unsettled edges of your Ace Case Military Grade Screen Protector to your device. Always work on one corner at a time.  Use the Palming Technique to securely hold down all edges of the shield, even if they look stable. Not following this step may cause parts of the shield to fold up which may result in dust from forming. 
  • Do not remove any pieces of your Ace Case Military Grade Screen Protector once they have set for longer than 4-5 minutes. If realignment is required; wet fingers, slowly remove, soak and re-position your shield to its desired spot.

Ace Case Invisible Shield Removal Instructions


If you wish to remove the Ace Case Invisible Shield for any reason, slowly and carefully peel the film from one corner away from itself at an angle. Do not rush the removal process and remove in small steps. No damage or residue will be left on your device after removal.


You do NOT receive a SPRAY BOTTLE with Ace Case Screen Protectors -

You can just use Soapy Water as stated above! 


Video demo of a wet application protector being applied: