Ace Case Screen Protectors - Product Videos

Plastic Screen Protectors Vs Tempered Glass Screen Protectors, which one is best for you?


Watch our videos below to make your choice...


Here at Ace Case we offer some of the best quality screen protectors on the market. Over the years we have learnt that not all customers want the same type of protection for their devices.


So, What type of protector is best for you? We have a range of tempered glass screen protectors Vs ultra durable plastic screen protectors. 


So lets kick things off, in no particular order....


Option Number 1



These Screen protectors use Ultra hard 9H glass with scratch proof technology built into the top layer. They are easy to apply and offer a fantastic invisible clear shield to cover your screen.


Watch the application and scratch proof video here:



Please be aware that the glass may not covers up the edge of your device, as some devices are made with rounded corners these days.


Option Number 2

3D Edge to Edge Full Coverage TEMPERED GLASS Screen Protector


For certain devices we offer a full coverage tempered glass screen protector. Now these accessoires offer a coloured edge as well as the glass protector in the middle. This combats the issues of protectors not being able to go right to the edge of the screen.



With our Ace Case Edge to Edge full coverage tempered glass screen protectors they offer great protection for the main part of the screen and the 'rounded lip' of your screen too. Great curved edge protection for your devices.


Application Video here:



Please note: these curved edge protectors are only available in certain models as they don't fit well on all devices. 


Option Number 3

Matte Anti Glare TEMPERED GLASS Screen Protector


Our Matte glass screen protectors are very unique and give your device a smooth anti glare finish to your mobile phone, tablet or smartwatch.

If you have trouble with looking at your screen and you're not getting past the glare being reflected, this protector is perfect for you. 

Please watch the video to see how your device looks with this matte screen protector on:




Option Number 4

Privacy Anti Spy TEMPERED GLASS Screen Protector


These protectors offer privacy from prying eyes. When people are next to you or behind you from a certain angle (on public transport for example) - they will not be able to see what's going on your screen. This unique privacy feature is very popular and only is available for certain models. 

4 Way Privacy Anti Spy glass screen protector video here: